What if my dog does not immediately take to All Natural Antler Chew products?

The introduction of antlers may initially be foreign to domesticated animals. If your pet seems to be cautious of their introduction, a simple and healthy solution can be offered with the addition of some peanut butter to the antler. Simply rub a little on and watch your pet go to town. 

​I gave my dog a deer antler first and she didn't seem to take to it as well as the split elk antler.  Why is that?


Domesticated dogs should be properly introduced to antler chews. We recommend that you start your dog off with a split elk antler. The marrow of the split elk antler is exposed and easy to access for your pet. They can immediately start enjoying the taste and benefits of the antler chew with the marrow exposed. Once properly introduced with this starter antler, your dog can then be introduced to a closed elk split antler. Ultimately, your dog can be given a closed dear antler. The closed deer antler will last the longer and give your pet the most out of their chewing experience.

Introducing bone-a-fide antlers to your pet

About Antlers

Shed Antlers

Our antlers are 100% natural shed.  Shed antlers mean that no animals are harmed when the antlers are collected.  Once a year deer and elk shed their antlers as a prelude to the re-growth of new ones.  The shedding process takes place every spring.  We carefully find and collect the shed antlers on the ground which are then brought to our facility where they are inspected, cut and packaged for use.

We support local pet shelters/rescues

When you place an order of $50 or more, we will donate up to 10% of your order to a shelter/pet rescue of your choice.

​We also offer a 20% discount on 1 lb bags for shelters and pet rescues. Contact us to find out more details.

Healthy Treats

They support:

​Bone, joint and muscle health

​*No chemicals or preservatives

*Are non-allergenic

​* An excellent source of vitamins, minerals and calcium

​*Last much longer than traditional chew products