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Made In the USA

Our antlers are 100% natural shed.   We collect these sheds off the ground.  They are then brought to our facility for processing.


Bone-A-Fide Antlers are long lasting antler dog chews (they can last for several months as opposed to rawhide treats which can be gone in a matter of hours).  Amtlers for dogs are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and calcium and they are non-allergenic. 

Warning advisory

Always supervise your pet when chewing any chew product including antlers and do not let your pet chew antlers unattended.  Take antler away if it becomes a swallowing hazard.  If any small or sharp pieces break away from the antler, you should immediately remove it from your pet.  

Big or Small

With different sizes to choose from, there are antler chews for everyone! We even have chews for small rodents like mice, rats and ferrets!​

Pet Health 


Antler sheds are chemical-free, no preservatives, non-allergenic and support bone, joint and muscle health.


We buy antlers

If you are a shed collector, we would like to talk to you!  We pay for shed antlers.  Use the Contact Us page to reach us. 

Cruelty Free


Once a year, deer and elk shed their antlers as a prelude to the re-growth of new ones.  

If you need to reach us please contact us at